Riverview Auto Sales Questions & Answers

Question: Have Riverview Auto Sales ever turned anyone down?
Answer: No. Riverview Auto Sales has never turned anyone down. We are the bank and everyone is approved.

Question: Does Riverview Auto Sales offer a warranty on their vehicles?
Answer: Yes, all vehicles that are in-house financed with Riverview Auto Sales come with the area's best pre-owned vehicle warranty 18 months or 18,000 miles on the gasoline/diesel engines. There are also extended warranties available at additional cost.

Question: Exactly what does Riverview Auto Sales do?
Answer: We assist people with credit problems like bankruptcy, no credit or bad credit, to get reliable transportation and a car installment sale, at terms they can afford. Most car dealerships are not prepared to deal with the credit challenged person. We are the specialists; this is all we do. We treat our customers with the respect they deserve. Have you been treated rudely or differently at a car dealership when the salesperson found out you had credit issues? NOT at Riverview Auto Sales! Any credit problem you may have, no matter what it is, we've seen it before. Nothing you say is going to surprise us, or embarrass you. Riverview Auto Sales has helped over 10,000 people in Mohave County to get the car, truck, minivan or SUV they desire. No other dealer or vehicle finance company in our region has done more in this respect than Riverview Auto Sales has. We can help you!

Question: Do you charge high interest rates?
Answer: We have a wide range of interest rates determined by your credit history, income, and time on job. When compared to long-term, multi-year installment sales at lower interest rates and you'll find the interest you pay us will be far less. In addition, our installment sale process is quick and easy. If you wish to accelerate your installment sale payments, or put down more than the minimum required down payment (so that you finance less), you can further reduce the interest on your installment sale.

Question: Do you need large down payments?
Answer: At Riverview Auto Sales, each our of customers situations are different! This answer may vary on your down payment and / or your trade in vehicle. We have down payments starting as low as $200.00 plus tax, title, and license.

Question: What kind of cars do you sell?
Answer: Riverview Auto Sales sells all types of cars, trucks, suvs and minivans. No matter who manufactured it, every vehicle we sell has gone through our 150-point inspection and warranty.

Question: What are the requirements for purchasing a vehicle at Riverview Auto Sales?
Answer: You'll need a valid Driver's License, current pay stubs or proof of income, proof of residence for the last year, your trade-in title if you have one, and any down payment you may have. You'll also need to bring with you a list of 8 references with names, addresses and phone numbers, and proof of insurance.

Question: How do the payments work?
Answer: Payments can be weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly, based on your income schedule. We are able to provide more flexible financing options than new car and other used car dealerships, because we are the lender. The decisions are ours to make. This gives us an advantage the other guys just don't have. Payments can be made in many convenient ways: at our office, through the mail, night drop box, or even on the phone. We will custom design a financing program for your individual situation.

Question: How long does it take?
Answer: Chances are we probably have the vehicle you want at our location right now. If we don't have what you are looking for, we will do our best to get it on the lot. About two-thirds of our customers can drive home in a Riverview Auto Sales vehicle the same day they visit us. Others may need to go home and collect pay stubs. If you bring in all the information we need, it can take as little as 45 minutes! You can even apply online 24/7 at www.RiverviewAutoSales.com and be pre-approved before you arrive at our office. It doesn't get much easier than that!

Question: What types of people buy cars from Riverview Auto Sales?
Answer: Riverview Auto Sales helps all kinds of people buy cars. We understand that good people can and sometimes do have credit problems. Riverview Auto Sales customers include professionals, white collar and blue collar workers, medical professionals, teachers, divorced people, people with unpaid bills, retirees on a fixed income, and many others from all walks of life. What you do for a living, where you live, or where you went to school does not define you or your credit situation. At Riverview Auto Sales, we will treat you as an individual, not just a credit rating. Our credit specialists will discuss with you the vehicles and installment sale terms that work for you. No matter who you are or what your credit situation may be, we will treat you with dignity and respect.

Question: Can I take my vehicle to my own mechanic for him to inspect it before I purchase?
Answer: Yes, absolutely, you can!

Question: Do you take trade-ins?
Answer: Yes, we take trade-ins of any make, model and year.

Question: I have a bankruptcy, can you arrange financing for me?
Answer: Yes, as long as the bankruptcy has been discharged. You may be asked to bring some paperwork with you confirming this.

Question: How do you help people rebuild their credit?
Answer: Riverview Auto Sales sells cars and Riverview Auto Sales makes installment sales to people whom banks and most car dealerships don't want or aren't prepared to deal with. One of our goals is to build a long-term relationship with you. The vehicle you purchase and its installment sale terms will fit your ability to pay. We want you to complete your installment sale successfully and then purchase your next vehicle from us. Many of our customers are able to upgrade vehicles in 12-18 months from their first purchase from us. Your successful installment sale completion at Riverview Auto Sales will enhance your credit rating. We report all transactions to Experian. When you finance through Riverview Auto Sales, we help you stay current. Many customers find these steps make it easier to budget. Because we don't shop your installment sale around to a bunch of banks, your credit report won't suffer by making it appear like you're looking for money, which is exactly what happens when you buy from other dealerships. Your Riverview Auto Sales installment sale will stay right here with us. Best of all, unlike smaller dealerships, each time you make an on-time payment to us, it helps build your credit, since we report to Experian monthly. You can start to establish a better credit rating immediately. Most customers prefer to make payments at our office. Customers get to know our sales and credit consultants, and we get to know you. This personal relationship helps you work through some of the potential problems you may have making payments.

Question: If I purchase a car from Riverview Auto Sales and do have a problem with my payments, what should I do?
Answer: The most important thing you can do for yourself is to make your payment on time and in full. Each timely payment marks an additional step toward installment sale payoff and improved credit. We do understand that people sometimes experience financial setbacks. If you foresee a payment problem coming up, COMMUNICATION is key. Contact us and let us know BEFORE the payment is due. You can call us, email or stop in. But because this is YOUR installment sale, it's also your responsibility to take the initiative, contact us and let us know what's happening. Although, we send reminder and late payment notices via the mail, it is very important to keep us informed of any change in your mailing address.

Question: How many vehicles do you normally have in stock?
Answer: On average we try to keep about 50 vehicles on the lot at Riverview Auto Sales. It takes us about 3 days to service and clean each vehicle before it's ready to be sold. Once vehicles reach our front line and go on display, they tend to sell rather quickly. If we sell 20 vehicles in one week, it may take us a day or three to get the replacement vehicles to the lot. This web site will help you monitor what we have ready to go and what's in the pipeline.

Question: What makes you different from the other car dealers advertising for people with credit problems?
Answer: Many things make us different, but here's a short list...

  • Everyone is approved
  • Exclusive Riverview Auto Sales Warranty
  • Over 10,000 customers and 18 years experience
  • More than 50% of our customers are repeat buyers
  • Professional, experienced, highly trained staff
  • Ease of payment options
  • Low down payments

This is only a short list. Call or stop in to see for yourself! And remember, Whether you have credit problems, or just want an economical way of owning a vehicle, Riverview Auto Sales is your best choice!